Tailor-Made Solutions for Air Cooled Condensers

PI Data Analysis & Smoke Testing Services

Option 1 – PI Data Analysis:

Review and graphical analysis of your current ACC PI Data. Will give you estimated performance improvement after the addition of Galebreaker wind shields. The following data is required over 12 months if possible, and at hourly intervals or better:

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Galebreaker offer installation and site supervision to meet your requirements.

The Galebreaker Performance Improvement Study

Option 2 – Standard Galebreaker Survey:

Includes PI data analysis, plus –

Site Survey – 1 day on site:

Site Survey Analysis:

CFD Services

Data Required:

Possible Parameters:

  1. Different wind screen configurations
  2. Different fabric porosities
  3. Additional wind speeds/directions

Analysis Options:

  1. Fan flow rate improvement
  2. Performance improvement (vacuum / MW)
  3. Entire power plant simulation
  4. Follow up consultation